• E. Vintaire

    E. Vintaire

    James. Also a wizard. Also a human who was apprenticed to the Elves and now seeks to prove that he can accomplish more in his short lifespan than any elf could ever hope to do so with their near-immortality.
  • Eidolon Earlscastle

    Eidolon Earlscastle

    Robert. Also a Paladin. Also brother to Marsoul. Also son to Varus. Also from Anbar.
  • Elgaraf Galanodel

    Elgaraf Galanodel

    Dennis. Also an Drow. Also a dexterity-based Fighter. Tries to avoid his own kind...for personal reasons.
  • Thaenia


    Dom. Also a Ranger. Also an Elf. Also likes to shoot random soldiers in the back while aiming for an Orc.