The Battle of Dyn'es Plain

The Battle of Dyn’es Plain was a small but significant encounter during the middling stages of the United Front’s resistance against the orcs. A major military base established on the Plain of Dyn’es, lead by Commander Aurius, the Indomitable, was attacked by a large battalion of orcs seemingly out of nowhere.

In the initial stages of the battle, the orcs began bombarding the camp with large boulders, designed to create mayhem and a sense of confusion within the fortifications. However, Commander Aurius, who was in a meeting with a small squad of soldiers known as the Lazy Bastards, quickly regained control of the situation. He cleared a path to the gate and mustered about a hundred men to hold the area just outside the exit whilst the others made formation.

About twenty minutes into the battle, a major Orcish Chieftain was sighted close to the gate. Aurius gathered a group of men, including the notable archmage Balador Greenwood, in order to push through the orcish ranks and kill their leader. After a small amount of struggle, they were successful.

With a major Orcish Chieftain dead and the attack easily held at bay under the command of Aurius, the orcish army began to retreat. However, at this point it is reported that an ethereal construct of bluish energy descended onto the battlefield, wrecking havoc on the human army. Commander Aurius and his party entered combat with the entity, but as the fight seemed to draw to a close an immense explosion of magical energy knocked out everyone in the area.

The Battle of Dyn’es plain marked the first major intrusion of the orcs into the western hinterlands after they had been held at stalemate for several months, and was thus a significant turning point in the war.

The Battle of Dyn'es Plain

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